Sep 30, 2011

rectify myself, rebuilding myself

aku sangat buntu.
i have a PROBLEMS. a lot.
and i lost.
i know what to do but i'm NOT SURE.

heshhh kali ni memang kena mintak tolong one of my babe.
yea2, i need to call her, ask for her advice.
anything memang aku akan rujuk dekat dia pun.
yup, she is my references.
cause why?
first, pemikiran kteorang sama.
second, she's realy a good listener.
third, she is my dr psikologi ;)

everytime i'm stuck in the middle of the problem,
i'll be alright after taking 'my medicine' from her ;P

you know what,
I WAS thinking the same actually.
but i just need someone to support my decision.
to prove that my decision is good for my FUTURE.
yeah, i've decided to be 'mahal'.

you know what i meant, ien ;)
thanx ya for your support babe.
dia lah kawan dunia akhirat.

kinda miss you lah. haha

she is my teman gig. haha

lama weh tak POGO2.
reendu nak pergi gig dengan kau lagi.
reendu nak jerit2, lompat2 time gig.
haha yea i know it was long time ago.
now, you already have a 'new hobbyy'. lalalala
no more dress up sempoi, sexyy attire only ;P


everytime i've got ur advise, i scanned it. i analysed it.
buat aku terfikir. yeah, you're right.
every single words came out of her mouth,
made me think. awhile.
aku boleh terima nasihat daripada orang laen jugak but totally different.
kalau aku dengar.
 aku terima BUT aku tak ikut or tak amek endah sangat.

got quote from her.

if you love two men,
love the SECOND men more.

- how you can fall in love with the second men if the first men is perfect?
cause the first men is not good enough for you, though you need to choose the second men.

quote from me.

psssttt... reen,
tak guna fikir hal remeh temeh, hidup takkan maju.

again, kinda miss ya BADAK ;)
p/s : kau kan teringin sangat to be psychologist, jadi dr psikologi aku jela tau. hihihi thanx for everything.
hope your life is fine too. amin...


fieza jaja said...

tringat lak kata2 ko dlu. huhu. abaikan.

baby afny said...

what is dat syg?? ape yg ak ckp??

Anonymous said...

Aww.. This is really SWEET!
U make me sebak, and i will always and always be your Dr Psychologist!

p/s : I missed you too, hippo! ;)

baby afny said...

haa why sebak pulak?
heee kau twu kn ak mmg salu rujuk pape hal dkt kau. u are my babe!