Oct 7, 2011

spontaneous friday. ada ke??? wuppsss

tak tahu, tapi tiba2 perasaan ingin tahu sangat mendalam.
and today i did something 'wrong', i guess.
which it can mess up my mind and can effect my mood.

however, i take some time to think wisely.
relax jap. tiba2... for a moment,
i CAN handle those sucks feeling. hehe
it's just disappeared and gone.


KUAT - no matter how big your problem is, you still can face it whether you willing to accept it or not.

TABAH - you need to be willing to accept all the problem even it will hurt your feeling.


people always said the word 'KUAT' is just fit for me, but i think i am BOTH.


btw, currently watching bini biniku gangster, so suweet cerita ni.
agak2 kalau nak berlakon cerita laki lakiku gangster kan FINAS approve boleh tayang tak??? haha


saidatul noor farhana said...

Yang..byk kn sbr eh??uhu...Ana dh tgok BBG...best..mekaseh reen..syg kamu!!

baby afny said...

hehe ye syg... best kn cte tu. hehe syg kmu jgk ;)